Inside Out Collaborator TP&HB 共演者リスト

recording  /  produce  /  live  /  opening act

レコーディング   [ アルバム参加 ]

artist album song part
Al Kooper TP&HB (1st)
Alan Bugs Weidel Hard Promises Nightwatchman "wild dog" piano
Brandon Fields Wildflowers House In The Woods saxophone
Carl Wilson Wildflowers Honey Bee backing vocals
She's The One Hung Up And Overdue harmoney vocals
Charlie Sousa TP&HB (1st) Hometown Blues saxophone
Chris Trujillo Greatest Hits Mary Jane's Last Dance percussion
Curt Bisquera She's The One most of all drums
David A Stewart Southern Accents It Ain't Notihn' To Me guitar, bass, vocals
Don't Come Around Here No More sitar, keyboards, vocals
Make It Better guitar
Duck Dunn TP&HB (1st) Hometown Blues bass
Damn The Torpedoes You Tell Me bass
Hard Promises A Woman In Love bass
Dwight Twilley TP&HB (1st)
Emory Gordy TP&HB (1st)
Garth Hudson Southern Accents The Best Of Everything keyboards
Gary Herbig Wildflowers saxophone
George Drakoulias Wildflowers Wildflowers something
George Harrison Full Moon Fever I Won't Back Down acoustic guitar and backgroung vocals
Jack Nitzsche Southern Accents Southern Accents string arrangement
Jeff Jourard TP&HB (1st) Breakdown guitar
Jeff Lynne Full Moon Fever most of all bass, guitars, keyboards, background vocals
Into The Great Wide Open most of all guitars, keyboards, backing vocals and bass
Highway Companion most of all
Jim Gordon TP&HB (1st)
Jim Horn Wildflowers House In The Woods saxophone
Jim Keltner Southern Accents The Best Of Everything percussion
Full Moon Fever Love Is A Long Road drums, maracas and tambourine
John Brion The Last DJ Orchestra Arrange, Orchestra Conduct
Kim Hutchcroft Wildflowers House In The Woods saxophone
Lenny Castro Wildflowers (8tracks) percussion
Echo percussion
The Last DJ percussion
Lindsey Buckingham  She's The One Walls (Circus)/ Climb That Hill/ Asshole backing vocals
The Last DJ The Man Who Loves Woman backing vocals
Marty Jourard Southern Accents Mary's New Car saxes
Marty Rifkin Wildflowers House In The Woods pedal steel guitar
Michael Kamen Wildflowers Wildflowers / Time To Move On / It's Good To Be King / Wake Up Time orchestrat & conduct
Noah Shark You're Gonna Get It When The Time Comes/ No Second Thought/ Baby's A Rock'n'Roller ...etc maracas and beer cans etc...
Phil Jones Hard Promises all tracks percussion
Long After Dark all tracks? percussion
Southern Accents Make It Better tambourine
Full Moon Fever most of all drums and percussion
Wildflowers You Wreck Me/ Cabin Down Below percussion
Phil Seymour TP&HB (1st) Breakdown/ American Girl backing vocals
You're Gonna Get It Magnolia backing vocals
Randall Marsh TP&HB (1st) Hometown Blues drums
Richard Manuel Southern Accents The Best Of Everything harmoney vocal
Richard Tandy Into The Great Wide Open Two Gunslingers obx
Ringo Starr Wildflowers To Find A Friend drums
She's The One Hung Up And Overdue drums
Roger McGuinn Into The Great Wide Open All The Wrong Reasons chorus
Roy Orbison Full Moon Fever Zombie Zoo background vocals
Scott Thurston Echo guitars, background vocals
Sharon Ceylani Hard Promises You Can Still Change Your Mind backing vocals
Steve Ferrone Wildflowers (13tracks) drums
She's The One Hope You Never/ California drums
Echo drums
Stevie Nicks Hard Promises Insider harmoney
You Can Still Change Your Mind backing vocals

レコーディング   [ produce ]

producer album song co-produce
Denny Cordell TP&HB(1st)
You're Gonna Get It TP, Shark
Noah Shark You're Gonna Get It TP, Cordell
Jimmy Iovine Damn The Torpedoes TP
Hard Promises TP
Long After Dark TP
Southern Accents Rebels TP, MC
David A. Stewart Southern Accents It Ain't Nothin' To Me / Don't Come Around Here No More / Make It Better TP, Iovine
Robbie Robertson Southern Accents The Best Of Everything TP, Iovine
Jeff Lynne Full Moon Fever TP, MC
Into The Great Wide Open TP, MC
Highway Companion TP, MC
Rick Rubin Wildflowers TP, MC
She's The One TP, MC
Echo TP, MC
George Drakoulias The Last DJ TP, MC
Ryan Ulyate Mojo TP, MC
Hypnotic Eye TP, MC

ライヴ   [ TP&HB ショウでの共演 ]

artist song place date
Axl Rose Free Fallin'、
Knockin' On Heaven's Door
Syracuse, NY 1989. 8. 26
Bo Diddley Mona Fillmore 1999
Bob Dylan Knockin' On Heaven's Door、
Baby, Please Don't Go
PNC Bank Arts Center, Holmdel, NJ 2003. 8. 10
Bob Dylan
Bruce Springsteen
Travelin' Band (Creedence Clearwater Revival)、I'm Cryin' (Animals) The Great Western Forum, LA 1990. 3. 1
Carl Perkins Honey Don't, Match Box,
Blue Suede Shoes, Restless
Fillmore 1997. 1. 25 & 26
Del Shannon Runaway Santa Monica 1978. 12. 31
Eddie Vedder The Waiting、American Girl (Highway Companion Tour) 2006. 6. 26 - 7. 3
The Waiting Amsterdam 2012. 6. 24
Gary Clark Jr Good Enough Austin, TX 2017. 5. 2
Jackson Browne Take It Easy Tweeter Center, Chicago 2001. 7. 20
John Lee Hooker Serves You Right To Suffer、Boogie Chillun、I Found My Baby Fillmore 1997.2. 6 & 7
Marty Stewart 2017.
Roger McGuinn ** 共演多数あり
2日間・計8曲 Fillmore 1997. 1. 31 & 2.1
Steve Winwood Gimme Some Lovin'、Can't Find Way Back Home (Summer Tour) 2008. 6-8
Can't Find Way Back Home Royal Albert Hall, London 2012. 6. 20
Gimme Some Lovin'、Can't Find Way Back Home Philadelphia、Nashville、Red Rocks  2014. 9. 15、 9. 23、10. 1
Stevie Nicks ** 『Hard Promises』ツアー(1981年)等、共演多数あり
Stop Draggin' My Heart Around、I Need To Know、Insider (Highway Companion Tour) 2006. 6. 9 - 21、7. 29 - 8. 9、9. 21 - 10. 4
Stop Draggin' My Heart Around Hyde Park, London 2017. 7. 9
Tom Leadon 2014
Wallflowers, The American Girl Dallas 2001. 5. 21

ライヴ   [ opening act ]

artist tour special live
Allman Brothers Band, The
and Derek Trucks
2006年 Highway Companion Tour
Black Crowes, The 2005年 Summer Tour
Blind Boys from Alabama 1999年 Echo Tour
2012年 (5/31-6/3) Summer Tour
Bo Diddley 2003年 (6/28) Lost Cities Tour 1999. 3. 15 & 16 Fillmore
Brendan Benson 1997. 1. 21 & 24 Fillmore
Brian Sezer Torio, The 2002年 Summer Tour
Buddy Guy 2010年 Mojo Tour
Carlene Carter 1993. 11.2 & 4 Homecoming Concert
Chris Stapleton 2017年 40th Anniversary Tour
Chris Whitley 1991年 Touring The Great Wide Open
Crosby, Stills and Nash 2010年 Mojo Tour
Del Fuegos 1987年 R&R Caravan Tour
Drive-By Truckers 2010年 Mojo Tour
Fabulous Poodles 1979年 Damn the Torpedoes Tour
Fabulous Thunderbirds 1981年 Hard Promises Tour
Frank Black 2006年 Highway Companion Tour 1997. 1. 25-29 Fillmore
Gary Clark Jr 2017年 40th Anniversary Tour
Georgia Sattelites 1987年 R&R Caravan Tour
Iris Demont 1997. 2. 3 & 4 Fillmore 
Jackson Browne 2001年 East Coast Invasion Tour
2002年 Summer Tour / The Last DJ Tour
2005年 (8/14)  Summer Tour
Joe Cocker 2010年 Mojo Tour
Joe Walsh 2017年 40th Anniversary Tour
John Mayer 2006年 Highway Companion Tour
Jonathan Wilson 2012年 Summer Tour (Europe)
Lenny Kravitz 1990年 More Strange Behavior Tour
Lone Justice 1985年 Southern Accents Tour
Los Robos 1999年 Echo Tour
Los Straitjackets 1997. 1. 12 & 14 Fillmore 
Lucinda Williams 1999年 Echo Tour
2017年 40th Anniversary Tour
1999. 3. 7 Fillmore
Lumineers, The 2017年 40th Anniversary Tour
Mavis Staples 2002年(6/27) Summer Tour
2003年 Lost Cities Tour
My Morning Jacket 2010年 Mojo Tour
Nick Lowe 1982-83年 Long After Dark Tour
Paul Carack 1982-83年 Long After Dark Tour
Pearl Jam 2006年 Highway Companion Tour
Pete Droge 1995年 Wildflowers Tour 1997. 1. 15-20 Fillmore 
Peter Wolf 2017年 40th Anniversary Tour
Presidents Of United States Of America, The 1997. 2. 6 & 7 Fillmore 
Regina Spektor 2012年 Summer Tour (US)
Replacements 1989年 Strange Behavior Tour
Roger McGuinn 1997. 1.31 & 2. 1 Fillmore 
Shelby Lynne 2005年 (8/4)  Summer Tour
Shelters, The 2017年 40th Anniversary Tour
Smithereens, The 2013年 Tour 2013
Steve Earle and the Dukes 2001年 Way Out West Tour
Steve Winwood 2008年 Summer Tour
2014年 Hypnotic Eye Tour
Strokes, The 2006年 Highway Companion Tour
Taj Mahal 1999. 3. 12 & 13 Fillmore
Tommy Tutone 1980年 Summer Tour
Trey Anastasio 2006年 Highway Companion Tour
Wallflowers, The 2001年 Way Out West Tour
2013年 (6/23) Tour 2013
1997. 1. 10 &11 Fillmore 
War 1999. 3. 8 Fillmore
ZZ Top 2010年 Mojo Tour